Kohlers Disease

by admin on March 29, 2012

Kohlers disease is an uncommon problem in active children. Kohlers disease is due to a problem with the vascular supply to the tarsal navicular bone in the foot. The most common age of onset for Kohlers disease is around 5 yrs of age. The child will often point to the pain on the dorsum of the foot and this can sometimes located to the navicular region, but at age 5 or so, it can be difficult. Usually there is mild swelling and the child may limp. X-rays will usually reveal a navicular bone that is smaller on the affected foot compared to the unaffected foot. The standard treatment for Kohlers disease is the use of a walking splint or cast to get the pressure of the bone, which is a key component of the arch of the foot. After this those with Kohlers disease really should be in some sort of foot orthoses to support the arch and decrease the load on the navicular bone.

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