Pes cavus

by admin on April 18, 2012

Pes cavus is a problem that is defined as a high arch. A pes cavus foot is not necessarily a problem unless the alignment of that foot is less than ideal and that alignment increases the risk for injury in an athlete. Pes cavus is often benign and does not cause any problems as it is just a naturally occurring higher arched foot. Other cases can be due to an underlying neurological problem. When pes cavus is a problem is when it is associated with a foot that supinates or rolls outwards at the ankle joint. This type of pes cavus can increase the risk for conditions like peroneal tendonitis. Most people with pes cavus do not usually need treatment except for advice to prevent the shoes from irritating the top of the foot from the higher arch. When pes cavus needs treatment, pes cavus foot orthoses are often used. In the worst cases pes cavus surgery can be used to realign the bones.

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