The MBT Shoes

by admin on April 2, 2012

MBT Shoes or the Masai Barefoot Technology Shoes are the market leader in the toning shoes sector of the footwear market. The toning shoes are shoes that are unstable and induce additional muscles activity and change the gait. The MBT Shoes are claimed to help a range of foot problems and postural problems. Most of the research on MBT Shoes has been in the biomechanics laboratory to document the changes that are induced by the shoes. There are no clinical outcome studies comparing the MBT shoes to placebo interventions. Do the MBT Shoes work? In the absence of definitive evidence on the MBT shoes, all we have are experiences and testimonials. Based on this, it is obvious that a lot of people are being helped by the MBT shoes and there is also a group that is not being helped. What is needed is research to identify those who will benefit and those who will not benefit from the MBT shoes.

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