Vibram FiveFingers

by admin on May 20, 2012

The Vibram FiveFingers are probably the most popular of the minimalist or barefoot running shoes. They are just a thin covering for the foot with pockets for each of the toes and serve the only purpose of protecting the foot from the environment. The Vibram FiveFingers offer on shock absorption or cushioning like traditional running shoes so encourage the more natural gait that comes with barefoot running or forefoot striking. There is a lot of controversy around the Vibram Five Fingers and they have had a class action lawsuit filed against them in the USA for the claims that are made for the product. A lot of the problems that do develop with the Vibram FiveFingers are the poor transition that users make to them from the traditional running shoes. Stress fractures in Vibram FiveFingers are common if it is not carried out properly. The injury risk issues have results in some class actions suits being filed against Vibrams.

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